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Hi,i have maroon carpeting in my living room i recently purchased a khaki colored micro-suede sofa but i was wondering how to decorate my windows it is driving me crazy!!! please help :)

Hi Crystal

You need to pick a fabric that brings those two colours together as otherwise you room will just not look right.

Something like:

would be stunning but it is quite a bold pattern so may be overwhelming if used too much in one room.

You could have curtains or drapes made in this fabric or, alternatively, have curtains in a neutral linen-type fabric (the same colour as the background of this fabric) with a wide border of this patterned fabric.

A friend of mine did this recently when she chose a fabric that was ridiculously expensive but just couldn't settle for anything else. Her room looked better with a small amount of the fabric used to trim the curtains rather than the entire curtains using such a heavy pattern.

Have a few matching cushions made with this patterned fabric for the sofa and add to that a couple of plain maroon cushions.  

If you think the room can take a little more pattern (which it should be able to do unless it is a very small room) then I would suggest you think about this

as a very cheap and cheerful idea to finish the room off.

To be honest Crystal I didn't like the idea of the maroon and khaki colour scheme but having found this beautiful fabric that somehow manages to be modern and retro and traditional all at once, I think this room could look really great.

Kind regards,


PS  If you don't want the aggravation or expense of having curtains made and already have neutral window blinds, this is an option for using a small amount of the material to add interest to a window.  

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