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I've got a dining room with monkeys painted on the walls, holding various pieces of fruit, poised as if watching the diners.  I don't have much decorating sense, but since I hate monkeys, this has got to be painted over.  It's a very small room, maybe 12' by 12', with no door, just an arched entry leading into a very pleasing camel colored formal living room.  It's got very formal looking big crown molding--off white.  One wall is a solid mirror.  It has a large window with no treatment on it.  Considering these 3 things: 1) bordering room is camel colored 2) chandelier in dining room and switchplates are gold [but could be changed out] 3) room is small 4) some of house has that popular chocolate brown and pale blue theme, what might be a good color to try on the walls?

Hi Amy,

I love a formal dining room. For years, they have died out and are finally starting to make a come-back. Dining rooms are great rooms to be dramatic in. Think about's a room that is usually pretty isolated, you don't sit in there on a regular basis, and when you do sit in a dining room, it is usually for entertaining, and what better place to do something amazing than a room that guests will be in!

When reading through your questions a few colors came to mind. #1 was a deap red. I say every home needs a red wall and what better creates a sence of activity and appitite. Make sure to choose a deep red to give the room a rich and warm feel. Also note that you must always paint a DARK GREY primer on the walls before applying the red or you will turn out with PINK walls. Choose use silk material on the window treatment in a striped material with golds, reds, and greens in them. Look to for ideas. Let the treatments drap to the floor on either side of the window and use thick gold tassel tie-backs.

Another color that would be great is black. Also a hard color to cover walls with, make sure yo again put that dark grey primer on first. Black will great a sence of grandness and elegance and will be very dramatic. I think it would look amazing if you choose two tones of black and did wide vertical strips on the walls. This is a perfect room to do black in with the mirrored wall also! Another idea would be to make the room black and white, using the white molding and white on the ceiling. Also, choose dramitic white silk material to make side paneled curtains with for the windows. Mount a thick rode close to the ceiling above the window to add height to the room and let those silk paneles drap to the floor.

The last color is the popular brown color you were talking about being in other areas of the house. For window treatments, bring in the pale bluse color in straight panels on either side of the window using a think rod.

I think these three colors would work wonderful with your molding and the gold accents as well and your chandelier and will lend well to the rest of your house.

Thanks again for writing. As always, I encourage you to send pictures of your completed projects to anytime.

Have fun!


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