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Hello, I hope you can give me some decorating advice, even though it is about choosing a wall color.  I have an open layout on my first floor, with the biggest area being my family room/kitchen, which is essentially one big room.  Therefore I need to select a wall color that will be used in both rooms.  I painted the wall behind my couch in the family room with a faux-finish in shades of taupe.  It is beautiful, and I have received many compliments on it.  I do not want to paint over it.  The other walls are white, and I wish to paint them a color.  But for that last three years, I have been unable to decide which one.  I have lots of eggplant and sage accents in my family room and kitchen, so I have been trying to decide between those two colors.  My question is, which one would go better with the taupe wall?  If I use the sage, would the room look too "woodsy," (as green and brown remind me of trees)?  I can't see an eggplant blending well with the brown wall.  I love whimisical, funky, folksy decorating styles.  Also, would you suggest a bright, bold shade or a light shade?  Is there any other color besides sage or eggplant that you would suggest (I also have some blues and yellows in the room).
Thank you!  I look forward to your response.

Dear Kara,

I will try to help you make your choice although I feel a little blind. I can picture the sage and eggplant being very complimentary together. People have different ideas of what taupe is so there is where I feel blind.
With out seeing the actual room and the families of color you are actually using I will give you some guidelines and let you make the call.

I would start by suggesting pulling a compliment for your other walls from your sofa since it is in front of the taupe wall.What do you have in there that your eye goes to first? Is it one of the colors you mentioned already or is it something different you hadn't thought of yet? There needs to be a flow and consistancey
around both rooms since they are essentially the same room. This way the walls will not look like they have abruptly stopped at the taupe wall - it will flow through the sofa fabric and artwork on that wall.

Too, carry that taupe color onto the other walls with furnitre pieces finished in the same family or window treatments. You might even want to trim out everything in taupe. Play that up as your main ingredient since you have received so many compliments on it.

Since you love funky, and whimsical go as bright as you think you can live with as long as it compliments your furnishings. My favorite room in my own house has loud wallpaper that other people probably couldn't live with but I'll NEVER change it. I love it. It makes me feel good.

I hope this helps as vague as it is. Do what makes you feel good to be home.


Angie Nelson  

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