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Our living room has med olive paint on lower wall white wainscoat molding, light green upper walls.
2 love seats  very dark green with light print cushions. 2 chairs light green. Fairly dark wood tables.
The carpet is only 2 years old but it is off white and shows the dirt. We have almond 16 inch tile next to the carpet.
We will probably replace the carpet but we don't know what color to go with.

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for the question. Your white is not good with all those dark colors. However, sense you DO have so many dark colors, I am going to recommend a nice plush cream color carpet that complements the walls. Most likely, your local carpet store will loan out a book or samples to you. Take advantage of this and bring cream colors home to see what they look like in your light.

Another idea would be to go with a carpet that has a speckled texture to it or a slight pattern inprinted into the carpet. This will hide the dirt big time!

Thanks again and as always I encourage you to send pictures anytime to : when the project is completed!


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