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Hello, I have a 13 by 14 ft. bedroom. the bed is in front of a 8ft wide and 5ft. long(shaded lite) the new bedspread colors have alot of white and burgendy 1 inch strip outling the white. There is also alittle tiny green vines and gold. What color for the walls and the carpeting. And window tx.? The furnture is lacquered beigey grayish color. Thank you.  Louis

Hi Louis,
White does go with just about anything, but i think cream or ivory is beautiful and goes much better with burgendy and golds, it makes it a luxurious rich colour. The green and gold you could emphasise in a subtle way with small ornaments in the same colours like a shallow glass bowl with green glass gems in the bottom and burgendy floating candles for example.
I personally dont like wallpaper but everybody is different, it is up to you if you do. use a cream as your main wall colour and add a little of the colours from your bed linen as detail either as a border or in pictures and paintings ( use the burgendy more than the green tho ). The curtains i would see a nice cream marbled effect trimmed with gold, i think even argos do a design like that so that should save you on a few pounds.
(if there is very little green in your linen then i wouldn't use it at all in the rest of the room).
The floor i would either use a nice laminate flooring with a burgendy rug or use the burgendy as a nice thick pile that your toes sink into when you get out of bed. as long as the walls and windows are kept light then the floor wont be too over powering.
I would re paint your furniture too in the creamy colour but that is also up to you.
I hope ive been of some help to you.
Don't hesitate to contact me again if you want to.
Good luck and you might want to try the dulux website aswell for inspiration.

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