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Hi Jaydah, about 3 years ago we had the interior of our home painted a warm gray, which for most of the day is similar to taupe and attractive.  However for a few hours in the day it looks almost battleship gray, yuck!  Is there something I can do to eliminate the strong gray look, yet keep the warm taupe with a hint of gray or green?  This wall color covers our formal living room, front foyer, keeping room, and the entire upstairs loft area and catwalks. We have 20 foot ceilings in the formal living room and front foyer. Outside of plunking down another 3 grand, is there something else I can do with the existing wall color?
Thanks for your help.

Hmm difficult without actually seeing it.
All i can say on this one is that if you have a tint of another colour in it like the green you were talking about, its just like fashion if you wear a colour the same as the colour of your eyes it enhances them, so if you add some paintings of sort or paint some detail in that colour onto the wall so it makes the colour look more like the green and not more like grey. It is difficult to get it just right when it comes to grey.
I have had a look at the dulux web site and found some ideas for you like the 'blue diamond' is a nice green/blue soft colour or ' java dawn ' if you really want to take the focus off the grey being so dominating.
Accesorising is a big factor too, so make sure the ornaments etc is not too grey looking either, have those  the some accent colour too, and do the same in all the rooms but with different colours making sure you dont use over powering colours though.
I hope i have been some help to you, try checking out the dulux site yourself and use the scrap book facility to see how things go together.
Let me know how you get on, or if you need any more help im always here.
take care.
~ Jaydah ~

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