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I have a bedroom that I hope to be totally remodeling in about 4 to 5 years. In the meantime it needs a cheap face lift to make it liveable until we can do the remodel job. It is a small room, only 12'x14', has two windows with white vinal window frames, and I hope when the carpet is pulled up the oak floor is in good condition. I want a color that is dramatic and romantic. The walls are not in very good condition, so I was planning to use a crinkle treatment with tissue paper to hide the flaws. I am leaning towards a burgundy color but don't know how many walls to paint that color and what to paint the remaining walls, ceiling and trim. Also if I go with the brugandy walls do I need to stay light on the bed and window  treatments? Or maybe you have a better color suggestion. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank You
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Thanks for writing. The first color that came to mind when you said you wanted something romantic and dramatic was a deap red. I say every home needs a red wall, and you really can't get anymore dramatic than that!

A burgundy is a nice color, but it tends to be very drap and dark. Instead, try a lilac purple color. Also very romantic feeling, the purple will give you a more vintage feeling.

The paper technique on the walls is an excellent way to hide the flaws!

Other suggestions for a red room:
Use heavy flowing silk material on the windows. I suggest staright panels on each side of the window that are supported by a thick rode placed almost at the ceiling giving height to the room. Also choose a strip material with bold greens, creams, black, and red in it. Look for some ideas at Anytime you paint red on the walls, make sure to prime with a dark grey primer before. You you paint red on white walls, you will have PINK walls.

Other suggestions for a purple room:
Use light flowing polyester material for window treatments in a nice crisp white. Do some asymmetric swags above the window. And keep with a lighter, lilac color purple to give the room a fresh, ramantic, and vintage feeling.

For both rooms keep with the white accents for the molding scense this is on your windows.

For the ceiling paint in the red room, choose a taupe color so it is not such a stark jump between the ceiling white and the red walls. In the purple room, go ahead and bring the color all the way up into the walls. If you don't want to be this bold, it would be ok in this case to use a white on the ceiling scence it is a lighter feeling room and you will be using white in the window treatments. I suggest an off white or eggshell white.

I hope this has helped. It sounds like a fun project! As always I encourage you to send pictures of your completed projects to anytime.

Thanks again.



Thank you for your suggestions. Do I understand you right that I should paint all four walls red? My husband says no way! Says it would close the room in. His idea of being bold is painting the walls off white. So I need some real strong reasons why this will work.

Thank you,



You can definatly just paint 1 wall red and then the rest a nice dark cream or taupe color, but in a small room, it is going to start gettig pretty chopped up. I still like just sticking with a color. If your husband doesn't like bold, I don't know if red is the color for you. While I think it is an amazing color for a room, he may be more into the lilac purple color where it is not so striking.

Let me know what happends. Ha, ha!

Theres always those darn husbands that get in the way of these projects. Maybe if you put a new drill in the room he wont notice the red walls.

Good luck, Ben

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