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i am having a lot of trouble not only choosing the color of my room, but the shade as well....i am moving home after a couple of year living far away, where i was suppose to be attending school, but have been struggling. i am now moving home where i will not have as many stresses and will be able to go full time. i need a color that is going to help me rest well each night as well as give me energy toward school. i have not decided if i will have my comp n my room or in another room yet. i know fung shui is against having tvs and computers in the room, and i do feel strongly toward the beliefs. once my mother redecorated the house accordingly there was such a more positive energy flow. well i a=have always stuck with greens for my room, but more like a minty type. so i was thinking of a little darker, which is SAFE!! but im kind of sick of sticking on the safe side and am ready for a bold move. i ABSOLUTELY love pink, not light pink so much, but a darker polo pink. not too bright on the eyes. i have never went so bold of a color in my room. while looking through colors at the store, i came across this aegean sea blue...GORGEOUS, it suddenly made me happy, but i dont have much to match with this color although my mom says u can always match anything. heres my next dilemma, i have a bedroom set already that i  am quite partial to, i can sell it and have received phone calls, but ive decided i  might keep it. its a mahogony/light cherry wooden sleigh bed set with an armoire and 2 night stands. im not too sure a pink or blue might match? please help, also keep in mind i like a happy, relaxing, loving. sensual a deep pink the right color?  


Thanks for writing.

First, if you need a restfull place without stress where you can relaxe and sleep...keep the computer out! TV can work however. You do not do work on a TV and if it relaxes you, then I am all for it.

As far as color, the polo pink is an awsome color if it is used right, but not the most restfull coloer in the world!
If you are adiment on the pink thought, try just painting 1 accent wall in it. Other suthing colors are pale blues and well and pale rich yellows (almost a mustard yellow).

Now with your bed set, the cherry is going to be hard with the pink to pull off. However, the other colors I mentioned would work great as well as a very deap blue. Keep in mind, you don't have to paint a whole room one color. If there is something you like, but it is too bold, just do one accent wall with a complementing color.

Good Luck!


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