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Recently my fiance and I bought a black couch, loveseat, and glass end tables and a coffee table with black circular legs that have gold accents.  We bought the furniture because we got an extremely good deal, however, I have NO clue what kind of color scheme I can do with black couches.  They are "boxy" and made of a faux black leather.  I was thinking of beige and an off white, but I don't know how good that would look with the gold trim on the tables.  I really enjoy pastel colors myself...but like I said I have no clue how I'm going to decorate our apartment while having black couches.  I'm not decorating savy, and we are on a tight budget (college students and this is our first apartment), any ideas on what kind of colors and decor would be suitable to be paired with black "pleather" couches and glass tables?

Since you're on a tight budget, working with the black couches and end tables that you have is best.  If you like pastel colors, then I would suggest that you add pastels in the form of pillows, rugs, a snuggly throw blanket for the couch and in your accessories.  You may want to pick one bold color - i.e., bright yellow and then incorporate your pastels (other shades of the same color).  

Black furniture goes well when paired with red (any shade, including cranberry), bright greens and bright (light shades of) blues.  It's striking with bold yellow and incorporating either white or off-white will work well for you.  Taupe is another option for a classy look with black.

The easiest solution is to pick one color plus white or off-white, and do all your accessories in that color.


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