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I am moving into a new home with a small living room.  I have a cranberry red sofa and light wood tables. (I like country style)  I want the walls other than white.  what can i do?

Dear Lisa,

We have to be very careful selecting a color for your living room walls.  You'r describing your living room as being small therefore you will have to use light colors to make it look bigger.  I've chosen three colors to make the space look larger while complmenting your cranberry sofa.  They are manufactured by Sherwin Williams:  Apple Slice #7127; Faraway Blue #7133; and Yellow Beam #7123.  You should, of course, choose a matte finish.  A matte finish hides any imperfections on your wall, it is the perfect finish for a country style  setting and, now, this finish is formulated for easy clean-up.  

Before making your final choice make sure you buy a smaple of the paint color you are considering and make sure it looks good in your room at all times of the day and in artificial light and sunlight.  And remember paint always looks darker when it's wet.

Good luck with your decorating,


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