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I am a student who's currently moved into a rented studio apartment about 16'X 12' in size, painted a stark white. The room is trapezoid in shape with the longest wall having sliding windows from one end to another of the room.
Since I'm on a tight budget, I raided the nearby Salvation Army store and got a good deal on a bedroom set-- a captain bed, a head library and 4 dressers. Sigh!! Its stark white with the handles in a pale grey. I got a coffee table that doubles as a trunk from a friend thats a stark white as well (sigh again!!) and has a medium sized red line running across its front panel. I went out a bought a comforter in a deep red and violet semi-box design.
As of now my room looks sterile and very washed out, the furniture is all rectangular....its all so very very white, with the comforter the only dramatic splash of colour. I've divided my space into a sleeping area and a tiny,more general "living" area. The dressers have been placed angularly to create a sort of partition between the two areas.
How can I make my apartment look more alive,more colourful?  I'd like to buy some furnishing--a futon, curtains, a small carpet as well as floor lamps to complete the room. Could you please advise me as to what colours I could go for and what would hold the room together?
Thank you very much for your time.


My first thought is for you to paint the walls.  Since you are renting you may not be able to do so, but ask.  Sometimes landlords allow painting as long as the tenant either paints it a color that will be covered by one coat of white OR if you agree to repaint it white before you leave.  If that can happen, use a taupe for the walls, leave the furniture white and accent with more red.  Toss in some black or dark navy blue for some depth.

If you cannot paint the walls, paint your salvation finds.  They can either go black, navy or RED!  

Add inexpensive rugs, throws for the furniture, pillows for the couch, accessories, some greenery (trees - silk or real) and you'll be in business.


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