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" I have a 18' by 14' lounge with a large east facing bay window in a modern house. I am in the process of having the walls decorated in a 'woven' style of wallpaper which is cream with a faint beige line running through it. The carpet is beige with various flecks of brown in it. The curtains have a buttermilk cream background with occasional swirls of light brown and cream. The 3 piece suite is a rich brown leather. My question is what colour cushions do you advise and do I need to introduce another colour to complement the cream,beige,brown theme and if so what colour? Thankyou for your time."

Thanks for writing and for your question.  You may select any vibrant color you like -- hopefully your favorite -- to accompany this palette.  One of the hottest trends now is turquoise and brown - a very smart, sophisticated selection.  For more "fun" you could add a vibrant orange or a neon shade of green.  One of my favorite pairings is cranberry red and brown.  Choices, choices. Just stay away from anything pale or pastel and you'll be fine.


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