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My living room is quite big 17x26 approx. I was looking for a different look. My daughter wants me to be a bit creative. Do you have any more ideas.

         Thanks Lorraine  

Dear Lorraine,
I apologise for the delay in receiving my answer.  I had sent it previously but I guess it didn't stick (!); I've been having problems with my internet provider.

There is not a lot of information in your question except that you have a very large rectangular room.  Because of the shape you can use on the smaller walls to display a mural.  Two websites that feature wallpaper murals at reasonable prices are and  You can use the dominant color in your mural as one of your wall colors and the next most dominant color for the fabric color and so on when choosing your accessories and floor coverings.   

You also have many choices in terms of furniture placement.  You can create several converstaion groupings with a large room rather than having all the furniture pulled up against the wall centered around one focal point (usually a t.v.).

You also have more choices when it comes to patterns, you can mix and match patterns as long as the colors in the pattern match.  A plaid pillow next to a flaral fabric, etc.

To surpise the eye you can also mix styles, a traditional chair in a contemporary setting, for example.

If there are anumore specific needs let me know and good luck with your decorating,

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