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Thank you so much you were absolutely right.  Now my kitchen I have a grey stone lookning tile on the floor what color do you recommend for the kitchen.  Now the kitchen is small and the dining area is small and includes the kitchen the you step in to the living room where you find white walls dark red carpet, a dark yellow rug, two chairs (no color yet) and a stripped couch that is yellow, red, green, and cream.  There is also a fire place and a window that is 7 feet across.  Now I put up green silk curtains.  The couch is in front of the window.  Now I want a coffee table but I like an Ottoman but they seem to come to big, if you know of any please send me a place to buy them.  So what do you think?
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Hi:  I need help.  I live in a small apartment and I want to bring some style my unit.  My bedroom is 10ft wide and 12ft long (small) I took everything out got a light wheat colored carpet the walls are off white (I am willing to repaint but maybe just two walls) I got a chocolate colored bed and armiore.  That is it.  I am lacking personality this room is boring.  I put the bed in front of the closet and placed curtains over the closet to cover it I still have access, that was my best idea to save room.  But I need color and a scheme.  I like Browns Greens Pinks Rich Colors Neutrals.  Help me design my room.  I want an exotice, sexy, romantic bedroom. If you have any ideas please help me.
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Thanks for writing and for your questions.  First of all, you have too much contrast of color between the chocolate colored bed and those off-white walls.  At the very least, paint them the same color as the carpet.  The white is too unforgiving, and has no warmth whatsoever.  If the walls and carpet are the same color, you'll at least have some continuity.

Purchase bedding in one of those favorite colors that you mention.  If you like browns, stay in the light brown family (since your carpet and walls are light) and add splashes of color in throw pillows for the bed.  Since your furniture is dark, keeping the lighter tones in bed linens will be the most distinguished look.  

For a sexy touch, add (in the throw pillows and even a throw for the bed) some pillows that are animal print, and hang mirrors opposite your window for maximum light and to add visual space to the room.


Paint those walls a medium to light shade of grey.  Slate grey may be a good choice for you.  Since the predominant color here is red, using the color opposite of green is ok and both will work with the primary color splashes of yellow.  

Carry these same colors into your kitchen/eat in area.  Keep the walls the same grey, even if it means running it down the hall way.

Accent your kitchen with the same reds and a touch here and there of green (perhaps in live plants or silk ones).  Love to cook?  Grow herbs.  They're beautiful and edible.


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