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We have just installed white large slatted shutters in our small
spare room.The walls are painted a warm soft yellow with white
molding. We have a built in oak window seat and oak desk with
matching bookshelf above.   Question? What color/kind of  
daybed would you suggest?
I want to put floating wood shelves above the bed to show
pictures, books and a collection of my husbands wooden ships.
I"m think of white shelves here also.
We have just redone the living room and master bath in golds
and reds. The carpeting is a sage green though out the house
(we are considering changing this).  

Hi Diane,

Thanks for writing. I would stick with the white accents you have going on in the room and get a white daybed. As for the shelving, white would be ok as well as an oak to tie it into the existing shelving and desk.

Sounds like you have a beautiful room underway.

Good luck and as always, I encourage you to send pictures of your completed projects to anytime.


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