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Hello Ms. Wojcik: This question is no doubt outside your terms of reference, but I wonder how I might found out the origin of the term "deacon's bench". I have looked in various places on the internet..without success...... and its one of those things that starts to grate when you can't find the answer.
THank you for any advice you may be able to provide.
Bob Miller

Some religions have specified "elders" of the church, some are called "lay ministers" and some "deacons".  These are non-ordained lay shepherds who assist the pastor/rector/father of the church with various member needs/tasks.  Typically there are strict guidelines - determined by each church or denomination - that these lay people must adhere to.  

That's a long way of answering your question, but the deacon's bench was set aside in the sanctuary for only the deacon's to sit on.  It was often set at a 90 degree angle to the pulpit/lectern, and was most often used by the deacons for special church functions including "The Lord's Supper".

The term deacon's bench stuck and wooden benches with overly high backs are referred to as the deacon's bench.  They're often used at entry points in a home.

Hope that sets your mind at rest.

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