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We just added on a family room and have a sectional don't know what to do with the 2 large wall areas over it. Do you put 1 large item over each section, several items or what?
Years ago we had this problem and they had pictures that were called sofa pictures, I don't know if they even exsist any more.
My motif is country.

Hi Debbie,

Since your style preference is country, then I'd add one solid piece over one section and a collection (grouping of 3 or more items always in odd numbers) over the other.  For best results, make the "theme" of the art pieces similar or at least complementary to one another.  For instance, if you used a portrait of a barn as the large art piece, then use "field" type photos/prints as the odd numbered items.  It doesn't matter what the subject is as long as they're related and more importantly SOMETHING YOU LIKE looking at.  Forget sofa pictures.  Hang art that appeals to you, that makes you happy or makes you smile.  If you are at a loss for a subject, consider floral prints.  They're everywhere in every price point.  

Thanks for writing.  Good luck.

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