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How can I best decorate a small bedroom (9'11 x 9'11).  There is one window and a wall closet. I have a full size bed. What else can I put in the room without being overcrowded?  What about arrangements?

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Thanks for writing.

Small spaces are my favorite areas to decorate and design.

I would suggest using an tall chest like cabinet to house not anly a t.v. if need be but I think they are great in place of the typical dresser. Also consider a writing desk. This can make a great intimate space for you to spread out paper work, do homework, or write letters, and it looks classy when it's not in use. Pull up a comfortable slipper chair and put a buffet lamp on each side of the desk to add a classic look.

Also consider end tables (or at least on) on the side of the bed. This is a great area for a lamp and personal pictures and books and I love using large round tables and then getting a wonderful fun fabric to use on it. The round table gets away from the consistant square furnitures and creates a look of more space. If room, or in place of the chest, try a comftorable chair and floor lamp. I love putting them in a corner and the on the corner walls put a set of pictures up the wall. It will create this little "reading nook".

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