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We just bought a 1999 split-foyer home.

Everything is like a blank slate. Walls are light beige, carpet is beige, vinyl floors are beige, countertops are beige, etc. Maple cabinets. No decorating was done (which, I guess is a good thing being able to start with a blank slate).

I am having a hard time trying to decide what to do with our combo living,dining,kitchen room.

When you come in the front door and look up the stairs you can see the kitchen. At the top of the stairs to the right is a hallway going to the bedrooms. To the left is the dining area with white french doors leading to a deck, and living area (with balcony overlooking the steps). There is no dividing wall between the kitchen,dining,living room(s) is all just one big room ! You can see my sink/refrigerator from my couch . I really don't like that.

I would like to do something to make it feel like seperate living areas. Any suggestions ? Besides installing a wall ? That is out of our budget.

The house upstairs is apx 1400 sq. feet.

My furniture is hunter green, plum, and beige ...and I have a plum valance up in the living room.

I cannot put a couch or etc. against the balcony wall because I have a small child who likes to climb and look over. Currently my couch is on the far left wall and my chair is sitting on the balcony side with the back of it to the kitchen area.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I am overwhelmed with this blank slate and BIG room.



Before you do anything else, paint those walls.  I love your color combination (hunter, plum, beige) but the color is creating too much contrast between wall/floor and color.  

I understand that the area is really open and connected, so paint it all the same color; just not white, off-white or cream!  Try using a taupe or a camel brown.  Your furnishings will look great against that background, and it will all coordinate with your flooring.  

Separate your spaces with furniture placement, screen dividers (tri-folding screen) plants/trees and consider installing either a screen, a "drape", swinging or panel doors to enable you to close off your kitchen. (You may want to use a solid color drape on a rod over the exterior of the kitchen door -- hanging on a decorative rod -- and cover the adjacent wall with the same fabric.)  

Paint first, then re-evaluate your situation.  A warmer color will help immensely.


PS:  Plants/trees are great for separating spaces.  If you don't have a green thumb, purchase silk trees.

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