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I am trying to select a sofa and loveseat for my den. The wardrobe, desk, and bookcase are all medium brown wood. The walls are very neutral. I like a fabric is a medium brown too. How can I bring color in the room? I know I can select pillows, but I am not for sure if I should have the brown furniture?

Hi Cheryl

To some extent it depends how much you want to spend.

I don't think medium brown furniture and neutral walls restrict you much so I would be inclined to stick with them and inject some colour with soft furnishings and wall art.

Do you have curtains in the room that you need to consider?  Or a carpet?

If not, you have a great choice of colours you can use.  If you like something bold then red, orange and bright pink can all look great with brown whereas duck egg blue is classy and a little gentler.  Brown and turquoise can also look stunning and has become a modern classic combination.

Let's say you choose pink for example.  I would suggest you make or buy pillow covers in maybe three different fabrics.  Something like a cream and pink check, a brown and pink stripe and a floral brown, pink and cream.  Do you see what I mean?  Choose a pallette of three colours - two of them you already have - brown and neutral/cream - and use different patterns but only with those colours.

This page:

will show you what I mean.

I would suggest you tie this in with making fabric wall panels like this:

using some of the same fabric or another fabric using the same three colours.  For a wall panel, you can afford to use a fabric with a bigger, bolder design which would be too big to show to good effect on a small pillow.

Kind regards


PS  If you aren't confident about making your own pillow covers, have a look here:

for some do-it-yourself cushion covers that only need you to be able to sew two straight lines and involve no zips or buttons.  

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