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I am moving into my new condo in two weeks. And I've been stumped over what to do in my dining room. The dimensions are 9'x8'. One wall has floor to ceiling mirrors, which I love. The wall left of that, when facing the mirrors borders the kitchen and the wall right of the mirrors is actually a window. I wanted to incorporate themes of glass and crystal ino the room as well as dark wood. (Dark wood will be featured throughout the condo, and my coffee table is dark wood and glass--because the Living Room extends off of the Dining Room where the fourth wall would be, I thought that I should try to echo that same combination.) In the end, I am on a budget. I only have $250 to furnish my dining room and I've already spent $35 on 5 dining chairs that I need to refurbish. I was hoping that I could get a 48" round wood and glass pedastal table. This seems to be a difficult feat on my buget. I've even looked for pedastals and glass tabletops separately but I am unsure of what a safe pedastal would be for a 48" table. (Is a 48" table too big for that 9'x8' space? I wanted to be able to fit up to 5 chairs to the table, in the event that I have 4 guests for dinner, which is why I wanted a round table. As you can see, i have a huge delima. Should I give up on the round wood and glass pedastal table (I would be willing to faux finish a plaster or plastic pedastel, if I could find one that would be safe for a tabletop that size. By the way what is the best way to adhere the glass tabletop to the pedastal?). Should I give up on having 5 chairs at a 48" round table? Should I go with a basic sqare or rectangle table with 4 chairs?

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Don't give up.  Here's an economical solution for you.  By shopping two stores, you should be able to create the round table to coordinate with your bargain chairs.  Visit Pier 1 and look at their glass table rounds.  The 48" will work for you, but a 60" might be best.  They run about $125.  If they don't have them, visit a glass supplier and ask about them cutting a round for you.  Then visit your local craft store and purchase a base.  These can be pedestal/pillars that are paintable, or a large/tall flower vase that's the correct height (30" - 36" from the floor).  You might also check garage sales etc. for "bases" or look for alternative items that can be used like stacked garden store pavers!  Anything that is sturdy can be used.  

When money is tight, get creative! Find something old and rejuvenate it with paint/stain for the look you're after.


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