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Please help.My dining room is about 8ft wide by 15ft long.One of the 8ft walls has a doorway to the kitchen.The other 8ft wall has a very large picture window.One of the 15ft walls is actually 9ft long with a 6ft dooway that leads to the living room.The other is about 12 ft long with a 3 ft staircase that goes upstairs at one end and at the opposite end of that wall is a doorway that leads to the basement.The 6ft doorway and the stairs are exactly across from eash other,with the window in between them,and the kitchen doorway and basement doorway are cattycorner from each other.If I put the table in the middle it seems to take up to much room.if I put it in front of the window,I block the stairs and the doorway.No matter what I do I can not seem to get the furniture to fit in that room and make it look right.Please help. Thanks.Joan

Hi Joan,

Sounds as though your builder was a stickler for symmetry!  Your best option is to place your dining table in the center of the room.  If your table is rectangular, then the longest side of the table should be running lengthwise "with" the space.


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