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Dear Rachel;

We recently purchased a new dining room set and are now trying to choose a chandelier that will complete the room and blend with the furnishings. I am wondering if you could help us sort out what
kind of finish the chandelier should have. The dining room furniture is wild cherry wood in a transitional style design. One distinctive  decorative feature is a silver-coloured metal strip ( half an inch wide) that runs around the sides of the table just below the surface. It is not visible when one is seated at the table because the table's surface slightly overhangs the edge. This same colour also appears on the  sideboard where, once again, it is a thin strip around the edge just below the surface,as well as in the drawer handles where it is more noticeable.

  The dining, living, and kitchen areas are open ( an L shaped configuration with the dining room in the middle ) and herein lies the decorating challenge. The refrigerator and dishwasher are stainless steel, very close in tone to the metallic feature in the dining room furniture. On the other hand, the living room, including fireplace and lamps, is finished in antique brass. Depending upon where one is seated at the dining table, either the kitchen or the living room or both rooms are visible.

  The entire area holds together quite well overall -because of the fact that virtually all the furnishings are transitional in style with complementary colours and also by the fact that there is lots of natural light from three skylights and handsome woodwork around the windows.

 In trying to choose a chandelier, we are agreed on a basic transitional style we are looking for, and we have found helpful information on the internet about proper measurements. But what we can't figure out is which sort of finish the chandelier should have. A brass finish would blend beautifully with the fireplace wall and living room but not with the metallic touches in the dining room or with the kitchen appliances. On the other hand, a silver-toned finish would pose the opposite problem. Help!

  Any suggestions on how to get out of this dilemma? Which tone should we be going with? Or is there another sort of finish we might consider that would be a good compromise? Any professional advice you might have to offer will be gratefully received. Thanks VERY much for taking the time to read this and for your suggestions. It is much appreciated!



PS. If there is any additional information you need that would help you offer an opinion, please don't hesitiate to ask.

Dear Craig,
 That is really great that you noticed you needed to do something about the finishes. It can be such a small detail that really stands out in a room. Here are some ideas that I have come up with.
1.) Find a chandelier that has a metallic color base fixture and has gold colored glass cover, lamp shade or decorative pieces. When using incadescent bulbs it will give off the gold color so it is best to go with a metallic color fixture.
2.) I found this chandelier and thought this would look perfect with the metallic that you have on the dining room furniture.
3.) If you want to stick with a solid finish on the chandelier you might want to look for a metallic color chandelier and then paint the walls in the dining area a light gold color or use gold accents like a gold vase or bowls.

Hope this will help you out. Have fun with it.

Rachel Mallon

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