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Hi Jenny,
Thank you for your response regarding what color to paint my bathroom.  I just had one question: You suggested going one shade DARKER than the salmon wall tile.  I'm concerned that will make the room too dark, therefore appearing smaller.  Would it be OK to go one shade LIGHTER?

On the next subject, I need help deciding on a new front door.  Our house is a brick Cape Cod.  We just replaced the front steps with new brick and black granite.  We will be installing black wrought iron railings.  I recently read somewhere online, that you should select a door to the style of the home and that the doors with a glass design would not be a good choice for a Cape. (Of course, these are what I've been looking at)  As I mentioned before, I am going for a Tuscan theme throughout the house.

Thanks for your help.

No, I really meant darker, and no, it will not cause the room to be/feel/appear smaller.  You can go a shade lighter if you choose, but by doing so, you're eliminating the "punch" that the room needs as well as eliminating contrast.  It's up to you of course -- always.  

As for your door, if you like the glass fronts, go for it.  As long as you purchase something you love, you'll always be happy with it.


PS  Keep in mind (back to the bath) that the eye always goes to color first.

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