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I recently made drapes for my family room using a cotton linen type fabric. The drapes are lined. My dilemma is getting the drapes to fall as though they are pleated. How do I make pleats for these curtains? (The top is not finished due to this dilemma)

Dear Tonaya,
There rae many kinds of pleats for drapes.  I think the easiest one is triple pleats.  First, calculate the exact size of spaces and pleats and then, using tailor's chaulk and a ruler, draw vertical lines to mark their position along the top edge of the curtains.

1.  Bring together the two lines marking the first pleat, wrong sides of curtains facing, to form a single large pleat.  Tack and stitch (by machine or by hand) from top edge of curtain to lower edge of stiffening, making sure that stitching is at a true right angle to curtain edge.
Repeat for each pleat: each curtain should then be the required finished width (half track length).

2.  Hold the centre fold of each pleat between thunb and forefinger just above lower edge of stiffening and push pleat inwards towards the stitching line, forming three small, evely sized pleats.  Catch the pleats together with a few sm,all handstitches just above lower edge of stiffening.

3.  At top edge of curtain, catch the triple pleats together at the back and also anchor the back edge with a few unobtrusive handstitches using matching thread.

Thank you for your patience and good luck with your decorating,

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