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Rebecca wrote at 2006-07-13 18:20:28
Look in the Better Homes and Garden Magazine  - Aug 2006 issue and look at this hanging bed on a porch.  Sure looks fun.

Jamie wrote at 2006-11-17 23:44:21
There is also a photo of such a porch in Log Home designs, the floorplans issue, February 2006-My husband and I saw it and now cannot find anything on the web advertised for purchase or creation! But, we want one!

Good luck,

Jamie and Chad

North Crolina

jerry wrote at 2008-12-29 09:06:11
Hi my name is jerry I am manufacturing swinging beds that hang from chains mine are free standing and the ones I am currently building are queen size although mine are kind of medival looking I could build one to your spects. I use all metal materials thanks

Lori wrote at 2009-01-22 16:04:46
If you use your internet browser and search under "porch swingbed" or "swing bed" you will find quite a few for sale. Or an alternative would be to purchase a daybed and hang it yourself. Good Luck!

Cathy wrote at 2009-06-18 15:59:13
Dear Christy,

I was recently at a park in a small town in Wisconsin with my grandchildren.  In an adjacent yard, there was a screen-in 'tent'(perhaps 8x8) with a solid canopy top. Inside was a hanging double bed.  It was all I could do not to go and crawl in that bed and live out the rest of my life!

Though I did not get a really close look, it certainly did not appear to be homemade.  I have been searching several websites to see if I can find anything like that - indoors or out - and have not had much luck.

So are we just on the cutting edge of a new trend, or has this been tried before and been found to be flawed?



Ramona wrote at 2009-08-06 22:02:41
Hi there!

We sell porchbed accessories! Custom size outdoor mattresses made with a foam that will drain water, and will not mold or mildew. Shipped directly to you!

Plus we ship accessories such as outdoor mattress covers with matching pillow shams, throw pillows and bolsters. All made with Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. Solid colors, fun prints or stripes.

Ra'mona wrote at 2009-08-21 19:35:55

We actually sell porch beds and porchbed accessories such as outdoor mattresses and outdoor mattress covers made out of Sunbrella fabrics. Plus matching throw pillows and bolsters.

check out our website:

Julius wrote at 2010-08-09 17:46:35
I just saw that article

I'm going to try to build one on my own, it think it's a great idea too.

K wrote at 2010-09-27 02:40:05
To Jerry, Do you have any pictures of your metal swing beds? Do you have a website that I can check out ? I might be interested in buying one. Thank K

Jane watters wrote at 2011-04-21 02:39:29
Junk Market style Magizine has the article with directions its very cool I did it

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