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Hi Jenny,  I'm really glad that there is someone like you out there.  I really need help with my family room.  It was once a 1 car garage.  It is 19' x 10'6".  The south wall is 19', the north wall is 10'6",with an entrance that is 8' on the end by the west wall that has french doors.  I plan on having a deck built outside of these doors in the summer.  The east wall has a 6'window, which I plan on changing, as it is too low to place furniture under it.  I don't know what size yet.  I had a wood floor installed.  I  am having a hard time figuring out what furniture to purchase, and where to place it.  As you can see, the room is very odd sized, and hard to work with.  One of the biggest problems  seems to be the half of the room where the 8' entrance, and french doors are.  When I purchase furniture, I plan on going with contemporary.  Another problem --- I have a rather sm. house, with one room opening up to another.  I am tired of white, but should I go again with all one color? I am thinking of a very lt. blueberry, which is a color in a painting that I have in the kitchen.  It is a large painting with a black frame, and you do see it from the the living room and family room.  I realize that I have written a book, but I hope you can make some sense of all this.  I would appreciate any help that you can give me.  Helllllllp!!!!!!

Believe it or not, you are luckier than most who write in that you have a large room to deal with.  What you really need to do is take a look at some magazines, ads, fliers from your local furniture stores etc. and notice that furniture does not have to be against a wall or fit under a window.

The situation that you do have is that the room is longer than it is wide.  Because of that you may need to "group" your furnishings into one -- again -- away from the walls.  Leaving a couple of feet for walking between and around is all you need.  

Color is key to any good home decor.  My house is less than 1500 square feet -- small by any standard, and I have used 4 different colors.  I also have an open floor plan which means "no walls divide", so that open floor space is painted all one color (a warm golden) ceiling and walls.  Off that space, I've used dark sage green, grey and blue. Not that you care about what my house looks like, but the point is you can use color in any space.  

Selecting your favorite color(s) is a job only you can do, but taking cues from paintings that you like is a great place to get some hints.  Look also at your wardrobe.  We tend to surround ourselves clothing-wise with colors that we love.

Hope this helps you.

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