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Hello, My name is Rocio.
In my house the dining room and family room is just one big room. There are wood cabinets over the sink area in the kitchen which faces the dining/family room and is open there. I have the dining room table right across, but in the other space my boyfriend decided he wanted a pool table. My question is how can I seperate the two. I want to put up wall decor around the table area that goes with the dining room but I don't think it will look good with the pool table there. Can you please help with some advise. Thank you very much in advance!

Dear Rocio,
  I know how those boyfriends can be. Are you able to seperate the space with a shoji screen or a free standing curtain rod? You can change the material that is on the pool table with a color that suits the dining room better as well. I am not sure how much this usually cost but I know it has started to be more common. Please send me pictures to so I can further asssist you.

Good Luck,
Rachel Mallon

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