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I am looking to buy an inexpensive dresser online, one of which I found was the Hawthorne 37" six drawer dresser.  The only downside is that the dresser is on 31" high.  Is there a way to buy feet, or lifts, for my dresser to give added height?

Some home improvement stores sell furniture "feet" which are unfinished and can be painted or stained to match the furniture.  These simply screw into the bottom of the piece.  

Another alternative is to build a simple platform (out of sturdy good one side plywood) for the piece to rest on. You would of course stain or paint the platform to match the furniture piece.   


PS:  There are things called "bed elevators" which are cone or cylindrical shaped pieces made of hard plastic.  These are available at Bed, Bath & Beyond and other such stores.  They're made to add 12 inches of height to a bed frame allowing for storage.  These would work for you, but are NOT very attractive.  

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