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My boyfriend and I recently moved into a small two bedroom apartment in the greater Boston area.  By recently, I mean six months ago, and we haven't done much other then buy a beige couch (his choice, not mine) and a blue rug.  We want to spice the place up a bit, we have plenty of empty wall space that we want to fill, but we don't want to do the traditional prints or posters.  We're looking for plaques, posters, items even that reflect our personality and our relationship.  Kind of like what TGIFriday's does, they have a mirad of "stuff" all over their walls, we want to do something similar.  But in my web search I'm not googling it right to find places that sell those sort of things.  The closest I found was the Wireless or Signals catalog, but I need something more (preferably something bigger) than that.  Any suggestions on any websites with those kinds of items?  Any help you can provide would be appreciated.  Thanks!

I'm sure the greater Boston area has some salvage stores where you will invariably find unique, one-of-a-kind accent items.  

I often shop for these items in garage sales, tag sales, estate sales and the like.  I've had great luck at finding unique pieces in Marshall's and TJMaxx, and they're all over the country.  

You may want to look online at and  


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