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Hi Jenny!  I don't really know what my question is, specifically....let me give you my background.  I am a 30 (yikes!) year old, married, mother of 2.  We are very busy as our kids are getting older and or interests are expanding.  I went back to school 5 years ago and became an RN, however, I'm finding life leading me down this "creative path".  I have quit my job as a nurse and work part-time for a local company and I'm starting to get my fingers in some marketing and stuff like that, I'm finding how much I LOVE using my creativity!  Anyway, I have a very very small budget and of course BIG, BIG ideas for my home.  Right now, I think paint may be my best bet.  My first project is going to be turning my children's playroom (which they never use) into an exercise/game room/office - the space isn't very big - the room is 13.5' x 11.5 ft.  it is right off of our living room.  there is also a large closet that is 6.5'deep and 5' wide.  I realize this is probably difficult to do without actually seeing my space...I only have 2 large pieces of exercise equipment. I want to be able to put our 27" TV/DVD player in there to either watch tv or do exercise videos.  I have lots of smaller pieces of furniture.  Some really cool Americana art (my husband is ex-military) that I've never had a place for.  I had an idea to make a ping-pong table sort of like a murphy bed.  then maybe someday we can afford to get a pool table or a new treadmill or whatever.  Anyway, like I said I don't really know what my question is specifically, I guess I just want to know how you get your ideas?  Things just kind of come to me - my husband says that I have a lot of "hairbrain" ideas that never amount to much more than that.  How do you make it happen?  How do you go from what's in your head to what's in your house while not spending a ton of money!!

I have some drafting paper and a pencil ready to try to put my ideas on paper (i need to brush up on my high school drafting skills!) Any input?  Your comments would be greatly appreciated!  

Ideas?  Yep.  First of all, you're right that paint is the easiest, quickest, most economical way to totally change a space.  

As for your ideas for the room, my suggestion is to purchase some inexpensive quadraline paper (any office supply will have it, perhaps even Target or the like) that has 4 squares or 5 squares to an inch (which is easier to figure).  I like to use 1 square = 1 foot, so 4 to the inch is easiest.  Once you have the paper, measure the room and diagram it on the quadraline paper.  Indicate where windows, doors, closets etc. are so that it's realistic.  Then take measurements of the furniture pieces you want to use, and create them on the lined paper.  If you then cut them out, you can easily "play" with them in the space.  

One thought I had was to utilize the closet space for either the television (so you could hide it when not in use) or for the "ugliest" piece of equipment (same reason).  

If you want the ping-pong table in there, the closet may be a good option for that.  

The Americana would be great additions to the walls, and would sort of make the room "All American"...........great idea.

Good luck!

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