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I want to make my 1 bed flat look and feel light and airy yet sophistocated. At the mo its magnolia through out. The lounge is medium sized, retangular in size. I have 3,2 and easy chair black leather suite which I love. They are on the large size though so go along the walls opposite each other with a coffee table in the middle. I have a round glass/metal table near the sofa which is adjacent to the patio doors. The small kitchen is off the lounge accessed through an archway. The bedroom is 5' from the lounge and is a good size with an onsuite bathroom. The furniture is mainly lime washed maple. (bed, 2 chest of drawers either side. Two windows adjacent to the bed position. looking from the foot of the bed is a built in wardrope with mirror folding doors. I would like to re-invent myself but cannot see the wood for the trees in where to start or how to plan it, colours, accent colours, furniture position... please help as I'm overwhelmed by it all. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you.

I think you should go white on the walls, with the black leather it would look very nice, all the stars are doing it.
clean and fresh.
as for your furniture move i cannot say alot without seeing it.
I suggest you get some advice from a female friend and ask her what she thinks.


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