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I have a small walk-in area, side entrance but main entrance to the house. I am trying to create a small foyer with interest.
When coming thru the door, the wall to the right is approx. 4 feet, beyond that it has a large squared off opening9appox. 8 ft) to the semi-large galley kitchen(approx 12x20). The wall opening has 15" wall area coming from the ceiling.
On the left is appox an 8ft wall including a bathroom door, beyond that is a small hallway to the left. So it's wall, door, wall, hallway. On the opposite wall from the entrance door is a bedroom door and wall that extends from the kitchen to the end of the hallway.
The floors will be wood laminate in a medium tone(will take suggestions), door frames creamy white trim, doors are stained aged oak (medium color) and polyurethaned, with crystal doorknobs. Ceiling and ceiling trim is white throughtout the house. The kitchen is getting totally redone with painted cabinets(considering the creamy white trim color to brighten the room)
I have a beautiful handpainted shabby chic magnolia woodscreen(tan, green, brown) to divide the kitchen/foyer area in the squared off opening near the far wall so the table isn't visible upon entrance. The screen also has a rounded edge so it doesn't make the space look "squared off",and to draw attention away from all the other doors in the small area.
On the small wall to the left of the entrance I will have a small foyer bench and will hang a proportionate wall mirror. I will use a small area rug to also divide the space from the kitchen. I have a small scale chandelier to make the entrance feel a little more formal.
My original intention was to paint the kitchen and foyer area my paint choice, a sagey green as I am going with a magnolia theme in both with a plantation,country, southern, cottage feel, and will pull my color ideas from the magnolia. There is no outside light in the entrance area except the glass panes from the side door, but the area remains rather dark, it is not direct sunlight. The kitchen has one small window over the sink. This is the main "thruway" in the house.
My dilemna:
I have an idea to paint the left and right walls in the entrance the sagey green (including just the face of the 15" over the opening to the kitchen, and the wall that goes down the hallway from the left entrance wall. Paint the kitchen walls pale yellow to reflect more sunlight into the room, extending the yellow to wall opposite the the foyer all the way down the hallway.(there is only the wood screen dividing the two areas) Kitchen floor will match the foyer and hall to bring continuity. So in essence the entire wall opposite the entrance would be totally yellow from the end of the kitchen to the end of the hallway. So I am wondering how breaking the area with 2 colors would look in the manner I described. Also, I have not chosen a contrasting accent color as of yet to go with the green and/or yellow.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, just make sure that you start and stop your paint color at a natural breaking point in the wall (a corner).  You should not start or stop a color in the middle of a wall.

For your entry foyer, consider adding a mirror with a small console table.  The mirror will reflect light as well as the opposite wall - encircling you with color.  


PS:  Greens and yellows look very nice with shades of "red" - particularly lilac or cranberry.  

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