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Jenny:  We are currently living in an apartment.  Our living room is 20'4" by 12'3".  I had gotten talked into purchasing 2 chaise lounges along with our sofa, when we lived somewhere else.  It has been very difficult to arrange any living space with 2 chaise lounges, and, quite frankly, I would not have purchased two of them, but my other half talked me into it at the time.  I have thought of selling one, to purchase a smaller over-stuffed chair, in hopes of making room arrangement much easier.  What are your thoughts on this, or do you have some suggestions for the current situation?  The sofa is around 88".  We also have two small Mexican rustic end tables, a Mexican rustic wall or sofa table, and a coffee table.  The small dining area, adjacent to the living room, houses our computer desk, and a small bistro set.

Someday we will have our own home, since we are looking for an old building or warehouse to convert into a home, but for now, I constantly get frustrated with trying to arrange furniture with two chaise lounges. Any suggestions would be extremely welcomed.

Thanks so much for your time and expertise,

Hi Karen,

Thanks for writing and for your question regarding furniture placement.  I understand your dilema.  The three main pieces you are working with are large and probably seem out of scale with the current amount of space you have.  Here are a couple of suggestions.  First, I'd try placing the 88" sofa with its back to the dining area so that it visually divides the space.  You will only have about 4 feet left width wise, so you can center it, leaving a couple of feet on either side.  Then place each chaise along the walls - or perpendicular to the couch.  Add your tables adjacent to the chaise lounges and use your coffee table to anchor the space and put your sofa table behind the sofa.  

The other option is to use one of the chaise lounges in either the dining area or preferably in your bedroom.  

Apartment living is difficult when you're preparing furniture for your future living arrangements.  Don't stress too much over it.  If it's crowded for a while, so be it.  It's really a temporary situation, and once you get a loft, those chaise lounges will look much better to you!

Hope this helps you.


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