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I just bought a new house and i am redecorationg the whole house to a contemporary look, i have put white tile with black marble borders and painted the house a light grayish tone. i bought an L style modern sofa and a red love seat now i dont like it that much how it is turning out. I was planning in getting silver drapery  but it looks life less so far with the walls color and adding more grayish tones to the house wouldnt help much I think .i want something conservatiive but modern at the same time i need ideas on the wall color maybe or  the drapery to give more life to the house and helping it getting out from that tetric look.


Thanks for writing.

I like the idea of the grey walls, so I would stick with those. As far as the window teatments, you may want to try a white fabric. Hang it about a foot above the window on a thick rod and let it fall to the floor in a straight paneled look on each side of the window. If not white, you may want to bring in the red from your love seat. Red is a great great color to bring in as an accent in a contemporary setting (expecially with the grey walls) If you decide on a white treatment, then I would suggest bringing in red in at least two more areas in the room wheather it be in accessories, pillows, or pictures. Not a lot is needed, just enough to give consistancy to the space.

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