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QUESTION: open floor plan. as you face into family room (there is no wall at your back), the left wall includes 3'wide doorless entry into liv room, the remainder of that left (solid) wall is 8' to back wall. back wall is 14' wide with a fireplace off center to right by 1.5' with a 2'wide, tall window flanking each side of fireplace.  the right wall is 11' and has a centered french door opening out to a deck.  the left short wall holds a high style entertainment center.  furniture placement is a prob. i had a variety of arrangments but because the fireplace is off-center and the tv unit wall is short (and only place for the tv) the room has no obvious way to place furniture without it looking too weighted on one side or the other.   ceilings are 9' tall, fyi.  any suggestions?

ANSWER: Thanks for writing and for your question.  From your description, I'd suggest putting the television on the wall where the fireplace is.  You may find that putting it at an angle is best.  If I understand your description, this should fit in on the left (as you face it) side of the fireplace.  This will do two things:  create one wall of focal point, and make the fireplace being off-center a bit less obvious.  

Your choice then is to float your furniture in the space with the focus being on that wall.  Leave enough walking room around the furniture grouping, even if that means visually blocking the 3' wide doorless entry into the living room.  

What you basically need to do here is position your furniture into a conversation "pit" facing or oriented toward the fireplace, leaving enough room for the door out onto the deck to be used without hindrance.  

If this does not work, and the television is now where it has to be, I'd consider adding something tall and weighty to the left side of the fireplace; a tree, or a corner curio cabinet.

Hope this helps you.  

My best,

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QUESTION: thx much. difficult to explain w/o a schematic.  entertainment unit must stay on that wall (big beautiful piece, essentially takes up wall width wise-half the wall height). fireplace and window take up almost entire back wall.  i dont care if i block french doors as i have access to deck thru nearby breakfast nook. right now, i have upholstered chairs angle-flanking fireplace facing into room and a sofa that is angled toward entertainment unit so that its back almost blocks french door and otherwise floats. i have a floor lamp and large fern behind that exposed part of sofa whos back faces into the open floor plan space (its the kitchen and breakfast nook that create this wide open plan along with this family room.  in thinking this over i really think i may have only two choices 1. eliminate the entertainment unit (not easy to do), or 2. swap sofa for two 'love seat' sized seating pieces to create more balance in the space and maintain seating.  unless you have another idea??? thx again.

Wow.  I see what a pickle you're in.  If you haven't tried it yet, try putting the couch at a 90 degree angle to the fireplace and have the chairs facing it on the opposite side of the room.  I'd try that before replacing the couch.  

Sorry I couldn't be of more help here....:<)


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