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What is the rule about placing a piece of furniture (china cabinet) between two windows.   Is it totally wrong to put it there if the cabinet will overlap onto the window casings by 1 1/2" on both sides?  This is a southern Plantation style house with lots of windows and 10' ceilings etc...  The window casing is 4 1/2" white painted and the China cab is black antique distressed

Hi Becky,
    Your china cabinet sounds lovely, but unfortunately, will not look good between the two windows.  Your room will seem extra heavy on one side bearing the weight of the two windows and the china cabinet.  If you do decide to place the china cabinet there you will have to bring harmony to the room by placing a piece of furniture of equal weight and height on the opposite wall.  I wouldn't do that, although I think you knew the answer all along and I agree with you.

I do hope that there is another room in your home with a different layout that can accomodate your china cabinet.

Good luck with your decorating,


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