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Thanks for getting back to me.  Our downstairs family/living room will mainly be used for entertainingg, watching tv, listening to music, and reading.  My husband plans to install a flat screen tv right above the fireplace.  We have also installed surround sound speakers into the walls.  I do not have an office in the living room, however I do have a built in desk in my kitchen that I use with my laptop. Right now, I'm thinking about purchasing a sofa, 1&1/2 loveseat, leather chair, 2 end tables and a coffee table.  Not sure if this would be too much with the space I have. Any info would be great.

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Good afternoon,

I just recently moved into a new home and I'm looking into purchasing furniture for the downstairs family room.  The dimensions are 16 x 17.  One wall is completely taken up by a fireplace and an entertainment niche.  The fireplace is not centered, for it's on the right side and the niche is on the left.  To the right of the fireplace is a hallway leading into the master bedroom. Also, our entryway/foyer leads into the family room and there are also a couple of arched entryways leading into my  breakfast area. I need help figuring out what furniture arrangement would make the best use of this space.  My floor plan can be found online at name is called the "Belmont" 3300+ sq ft.  Due to certain limitations, our plan was flipped, so if you print it out, you'll need to turn the paper over to see exactly what my family room looks like.  Any info you could provide would be great.

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Dear Sally,

Before we begin I need a little bit more information.  What sort of activities will your family be engaging in in the family room?  For instance, reading, playing games, working on a computer..  Did you opt to have the optional study on the first floor?  

Narrowing down how you will be using this space will help us create the best possible furniture arrangement.

Congratulations on your new home,


Dear Sally,

The furniture you are planning to buy, yes its too much for your room.  Although 16 x17 is a good size room, you have about five doors  or openings leading to different areas.  That means that nothing can block the direct patterns from one door to the next.  For that reason you want to create an unobstructed pathway, at least 3 feet wide; and that pathway has to be behind the seating area.  You want your guests and your family to be able to have a nice comfortable and uninterrupted converstaion without having anybody walk in front of them to walk from one door to the next.  
The ideal furniture placement that will help solve this problem is the sectional.  The sectional I would recommend for you is U-shaped with a curved back.  Thus, you are creating a smooth pathway behind the sectional with no corners for people to bump into as they're crossing the room from one door to the next, and aesthetically speaking it would echo the curveof your staircase.  
As for your coffee table I would choose pieces that have dual usage.  For instance,an ottoman could also serve as coffee table. Two ottomans instead of one preferably round.  An upholstered bench in front of the fireplace for sitting and gazing at the fire, listening to music or reading a book.  Right away you're adding 3 or four seats for your guests.  For extra tables I would buy tray tables.  Some boutiques sell beautiful tray tables that are useful and decorative.  
In case you're wondering about you're lighting arrangement you can hang pendant lights from you ceiling and you can use floorlamps.  Any electrician can install outlets underneath your sectional.

Again congratulations on your new home and good luck decorating,

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