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I just bought a condo that has a large wall of floor to ceiling windows.  The view is why I bought the condo, so I don't want to block it.  The dimentions of the room are 15 x 15.  On the south wall, (directly across from the wall of windows) is the entrance to the room (all the way to the east) and a pass-through to the kitchen with a breakfast bar.  The bar is off center to the east.  To complicate things, there is a built-in architectual feature centered on the west wall.  I wish I could draw a diagram.  My question is, where do I put my couch?  If I could just figure that out, I'd be golden.  My couch is 96".  Thanks!


Thanks for writing!

This is an easy one for me (ha, ha). You need to put your couch in the center of the room more or less. From the main entrance into the room on the south wall you want to be walking into the back of you couch. So in other words, your couch should be facing the set of windows on the north wall. From there, make your seating arrangement.

As a side not, put a nice sofa table in back of your couch with a lamp on either side. This will make a grand enterance into the room!

Good luck and as always, feel free to email pictures of your completed project to anytime.


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