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Our house has wood flooring and came with two area rugs, rectangular and large.  When placing couches, sectionals and chairs on the border of the rug, what's most visually appealing--half-on the rug? Every foot of furniture completely within the borders of the rug?  Rug completely within the grouping, leaving the sectional on the wood floor?  I'm confused as to what makes it look the most open?

Also, the rugs have patterns--if the rugs have a pattern, can couches also have a pattern, or better to slip cover a striped couch sitting on a floral rug?  

Dear Amy,

If you are using area rugs, which mostly are used to define a space, in a conversation grouping then all the upholstered furniture and tables have to sit on the area rug.  Having it any other way would be aesthetically wrong.  Or you could have a small area rug just under the coffee table that hopefully would be the same shape as your table, ie. an oval rug under an oval coffee table.

If the rug has a pattern, and you're dealing with a small space try not to introduce a new pattern.  In a  bigger space you can have stripes with a a floral pattern.  All the colors have to be a perfect match in all sorts of light.

Good luck with your decorating,

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