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I am redoing my living room and I would like to know the way to place my furniture. My room is small 12x15. One side has a 100 inch picture window,one side is a straight walk way from the front door,through the living room and down the hallway.This side also has a doorway to the kitchen. Please help with suggestions on how to place the sofa,recliner and glider and tables to look thier best. Thanks.

The key to the best furniture arrangement is to assess how you use the room. I will gladly advise if you give me more details. How many of you are there in the room most of the time, is there a television, how large is the sofa?  These are just a few questions I need answers to.  Also, which wall has the window and the doorway.  Is the door way to the side of the wall to go down the hall or in the middle.

Tell me more clearly what your room is like and I will try to help.  The other thing you might do is go to and go to arrange a room.  You can put in the dimensions of your room and the windows and doors to get a better picture of it.  I think you can then email it to me so I can really know what your room is like. Look forward to hearing from you soon with more details. "The Queen of Decorating, JoAnne Lenart-Weary  

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