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Hello Ms. Wojcik,

My husband and I basically know what are style and tastes are, we prefer traditional looks, darker woods, and various shades of green, red and ivory.  We have built a new home that is three times larger than our previous home and are looking at a lot of empty space.  We have been searching for furniture, and know basically what we want, but are having a difficult time finding what we want.  For example, we are really having a difficult time finding a coffee table and side tables for our family room.  We want a medium to dark color wood, something not too fancy or ornate, something with storage. We'd like to be able to put our feet on the coffee table if we feel like it.  We have four children so it has to be somewhat durable.

We have been to many furniture stores and department stores, and can't find anything we like.  I don't mind putting some money into it, but I don't want to put money into something I don't love.  

How do people in your profession find what is "just right"? I'm getting exhausted!  I've tried looking on the net too, and haven't found anything yet.

Should we hire a decorator?  My husband is afraid it would be too costly to do that.  What is a ball park figure for someone to help us find what we want?

Thank you for considering my question.



Thanks for your questions.  If you have exhausted yourself and your resources, call an interior design firm or designer in your area and ask if they will tackle the project for you.  Some designers like to be in from the beginning when it comes to furniture selecting, so when you call, tell them the scope of your project and exactly what your needs are.  

To save yourself time and money, clip articles, ads, photos etc. of furniture that you like to give the designer a starting point.  

Most of us will work on a cost plus (adding a percentage to the cost of the furniture) or on a hourly fee basis.  The cost plus may scare you, but designers have access to wholesale/builder/discounts and you end up spending less overall.

Good luck.

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