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Dear Joe,

I have a couple of questions regarding futon mattress.  We have a full size futon, my daughter used to sleep on it.  The mattress is getting old, my daughter and we can feel the wood frame under the mattress when we lie on it.  We are deciding whether shoud we buy a new mattress to replace the old one?  Or just thraw away this futon and buy a real bed for her?  If we buy a new mattress, will it last long (3-5yrs) to feel conformtable to sleep on it, since my daughter is getting big, will the new mattress end up like the old one again?  And would the new mattress feel as comfortable as a real bed and mattress?  We have space for the new bed, it is just that we feel attached to our own old furniture.  Thank you very much for your help.


Hi Min-Jean:

If the frame is in good shape I would highly recommend a replacement mattress. A top of the line futon mattress runs in the $400 range and will hold up as well as any traditional mattress. Remember you get what you pay for.

Look for a reputable retailer who has been around for a while and who will stand behind what they sell.

The new futon mattresses are made with the same high quality components as the 4S traditional mattresses are. Look into the new latex, visco, and other foam and polyester filling materials when you go shopping.

I would also read this to round out your education.


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