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I am trying to finish up my little girl's room.  I have painted the wall a yellow color.  I was planning on buying white furniture.  I have been searching for just the right furniture for her room.  When I talk to the sale guy he said I might as well buy adult furniture for the price of children's furniture because it will last longer.  Now am thinking about a wood color, any suggestions?


Thanks for your questions. As far as dressers and case good pieces, the sales man in right. You might as well just go ahead and get adult furniture. Some childrens cribs now change over into toddler and even twin bed. This may be something to consider for bedding.

I love the idea of white furniture in the yellow room. I think it is so fresh looking and very "girl like". Also consider getting white distressed furniture. These pieces are often rubbed on the corners where wood shows through. They look more antique like than just plain white and also adds a lot of class to the room.

Good luck and as always I encourage you to send pictures of yuor completed project to anytime.


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