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Hi Ms. Wojcik

I have a small bedroom which i would like to paint in an interesting way.  I was hoping to use two tones in painting the room and i wanted to use those two tones to divide the room vertically in an almost 1/3 to 2/3 split (mabye 1/4 3/4).  The smaller portion i was going to paint a dark grey the larger portion a light grey.

questions:  Any suggestions on which greys i should use (id like to room to feel cool and modern overall)?  Any questions on spliting the room vertically?  I thoguht that the darker grey would serve as an anchor inthe room on which i could place lighter colored elments.  

also the window seals are stained a rich brown.

Im worried about the the room being too grey and too boring. But i could put other vribrant colors on top of the greys (i hope) to give the room a little more punch and energy.  Can't I?

please help.


My best suggestion to you is to pair a violet/purple with a gray, rather than a gray on gray.  This color will enliven the gray and eliminate any hint of boredom.  Your 2/3 v 1/3 split is fine as long as you do it horizontally rather than vertically, AND if you want a very modern look.  If you're after homey and comfy, you're in the wrong ball park.  

If you insist on using gray and gray, accents should be stark white and red, or some combination of same.  An anchor for any room is black, and that can be achieved with an accessory as simple as a candlestick or as large as a leather chair.


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