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I have a small two-story townhouse and in the den, I have a love seat that is centered on a wall that is half wall and half staircase.  I don't know what to do with the wall space, as far as putting pictures, etc. up since the artwork won't be centered above the couch since the staircase is in the way.  Any suggestions?

Great question Kristin;

General Public Misconception: Painting or print must be centered over couch.
Not so.
As a designer, I think outside of the box. because when I do a room for someone, I have to take their likes and dislikes, take my knowledge, expertise and abilities and create a room that they will love from the first time they see it.  As I was reading your email, my mind went to Italy, just like that. I could see the women at the flower market walking up the staircase and someone else sipping on a coffee.
So, Here's what you need to do Kristin,
Stand back against the opposite wall in the room where the couch is located. Is this wall,(above the couch) and the wall going up your stair case the same color? (And, white doesn't count, because it isn't a color).
If the answer is no, then you need to paint them the same color. Use the wall running along side of the steps as the continuation of the wall behind the couch. Hang a rather larger than life painting, print or mural on this wall, in spite of the room being rather small-another misconception.
Then, that allows you to use the space directly above your couch with either a skinny shelf that you can put candles,  greenery or a horizontal picture on.
In other words, you are tricking the eye to think that the stairs aren't there, giving the illusion that it is a continuous wall without any breaks in it.
Does this sound like something that you can do?
Have fun with this project and by the way, I see a soft brown faux finish on these walls.

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