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I've made a very nice valance for a window measuring  approx. 50" square inside the frame. The frame is 3"wide. My question is: How far above the frame do I install the hardware/rod? OR should I install into the wooden frame or just outside on either side.Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Marian,  Most valances are sewn with a rod pocket on the top and they are gathered, you can also make pleated valances, or you can make a swag. I take it you mean the inside measurement of the window is 50inches wide and the window frame is 3in wide per side. This gives you an outside measurement of 56in wide. I'll run thru a few ways to accomplish this. If you have enough depth to the window frame, you can use a tension rod to mount inside your frame, and gather your valance on the rod. There are 1 1/2 in wide rods, and I believe you can get the continental rods in a tension type style. This looks very nice, if you have good woodwork and The frame acts like a picture frame.
If you hang outside the window frame, I usually extend a few inches past each side of the frame. The length of the valance will decide the height you hang it at. You want the valance to hang at least 8 to 10 inches below the bottom of your window frame, to hide looking up the valance and seeing the window frame. Many of the valances I made, were hung from the ceiling, but they were fairly long. You can hang the rod on the frame, but hanging outside the frame or inside mounting the valances looks more custom. Good luck with your project.  

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