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helo linn
i wonder if you can give me some advise ; i have a large teak unit which has a slight sheen to it ; i was thinking of staining it a dark colour but wondered if the wood staining may not absorb into the teak
as i dont have a lot of spare time for sanding
or is there any other idea other than varnish
thankyou very much
from linda

Hello Linda,
Just as you suspected the staining is not going to absorb into the teak as teak is a very oily type of wood.

If you want to keep the wood graining visible there is very little else you can do if you do not want to sand it down.

If you want a change and do not care if the wood grain is visible or not you can put on a primer and then paint the table with a non-shiny paint. As it is a table, you probably need to varnish it after you have painted it. There are non-shiny varnishes on the market.

Best of luck!


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