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Dear Linn,

Thank u for answering my question , I hope your health is better now.

I need a little bet more furniture in my room. I will but a bed, bedside table, large cabinet for my clothes (Closet) , huge mirror , and a table for makeup.

Let me descripe my room to u.

it is about (2.65 * 6.75 m). The door is on the (6.75) side of the room . and when you enter the room there are only one window on the left most side (2.65).

sorry my english is not that good at all.


Dear Sadeem,

A new suggestion for furnishing the bedroom can be found at

Let me explain the ideas behind it: You split the room into two different areas, one restful sleeping area and another area suited for more day like activities. Splitting a room into distinct areas makes it appear larger.

The makeup table receives daylight from the window. It is the first thing you see when you enter the room. Do not place the closet here. Looking at a closet the first thing you do when entering a room makes the room feel uninviting. The makeup table gives some idea of the person living there, which is always nice.

The mirror is placed in the darker end of the room, helping to spread the daylight.

Best of luck!

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