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HI, okay im currently living in Germany..on base..our appt..seems to be gaining a home like feel..but still seems like it needs a litte more work. Im looking for a warm feel..or just when you walk in your expression is "WOW!"..Im looking for the luxurious yet the simple, trendy look.because lets not forget, Im living in an army base not all that great.I want to paint the walls sage green, but not sure if that color will match the living room..we have 3 black leather sofas..2 big ones and one love seat..our flat screen is black as well which matches good..but we are stuck with the furniture that we have to do with for a while till we get the kind that we want..we have a coffee table which is light brown wood..and dvd rack, small lamp tables and the kitchen and china dressor are all the same color...(light brown wood)..I do not like it, but its what we have for now..later on we plan to get a black glass coffee table with other glass lamp tables..and hopefully a cherry colored table for the dining room, we have cherry red curtains in our dining room..our curtains in the living room are an off white..they drape to the huge rug is cherry red..and my throw pillows for the couches are cherry red and black..any suggestions on what I should get or change..should I change the curtains..oh and the walls are just plain white..and I hate gives no setting or feeling for the house...PLEASE HELP ASAP..I cant stand you so much!!

You're right on the money!!!  Sage green on the walls along with your black furniture and red rug will add that wow factor that you're looking for.  I'd opt for stark white trim and I'd probably switch the living room curtains for white (or dye the ones you have?) rather than off-white.  

If you have both cherry red throw pillows and black throw pillows, that's fine.  If each pillow has both colors in it, I'd use them somewhere else in the house, or cover them in "white".  

And a word about those tables that you don't love....consider painting them (white).  

Thanks for writing and for being overseas to protect all of us back here.  I feel honored that you chose to write me.


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